Travel Insurance








Saigontourist Travel Service Co. confirms that in providing travel services to foreigners, expatriates, Vietnamese traveling with Saigontourist in Vietnam, the third-party providers which include airline companies, train companies, and car rental companies have covered passengers with a public liability insurance policy in accordance with present laws in force in Vietnam.

Pursuant to Circular No. 126/2008/TT-BTC of 22 Dec. 2008 of the Ministry of Finance, insurance companies and car rental companies are under obligation by law to implement public liability insurance that offers maximum compensation up to 50,000,000 VND (2,380 USD) per person per accident case to passengers extremely seriously injured or killed in traveling by coach.

Travel insurance is an optional service for travelers and subject to an extra charge of insurance premium agreed under the insurance policy.

Currently, in force in Vietnam, the premium tariff and the insured amount are as follows:


The insured amount is subject to the Assured's selection.
- In respect of person: from 21,000,000 VND (1,000 USD) / person to 210,000,000 VND (10,000 USD) / person
- In respect of baggage and personal effects: 10% of the insured amount for a person.


Length of the trip/ Premium rate

  • 1 - 10 days:  0.015%
  • 11 - 20 days: 0.012%
  • 21 - 60 days: 0.010%
  • 61 - 90 days: 0.008%
  • more than 90 days: 0.005%


In case the Assured engages in the exploration, expedition, dangerous performance, cycling, motor-race, horse-race, boat-race, sports and games of professional nature as football and boxing matches, mountaineering, surf-riding..., additional premium equivalent to 0.1% of the insured amount/match/ day shall be requested by the insurance company.

Insurance companies shall not be liable for risks arising from the following direct causes:

  • Willful violation of law, regulations, rules of travel agency, of the local authority at the place of travel, by the Assured.
  • The willful act of the Assured or his heir-at-law (person who is designated to receive the insured amount in the Certificate of Insurance or testament or under Law).
  • The Assured is under the influence of alcohol, beer, intoxicating drugs, a narcotic or other stimulant and likewise.
  • War